Outlook Festival

Sound Design For Outlook Festival Video

Outlook Festival is Europe’s leading sound system and bass music culture festival, held every year in the Croatian town of Pula. Outlook approached our very good friends and colleagues over at Family Creative to create a video documenting this very special festival. Having worked extensively with Family Creative, Dan from Cloudbreak was asked to create the sound design for this piece. So, at the end of August 2013 he packed his audio gear (and board shorts) and flew out to Croatia.
Dan recorded a huge array of sound at the festival including vox pops from artists, interviews, foley, ambience and live music. In post production he was tasked with creating a mix of all 10 songs chosen using a variety of creative transitioning techniques. In addition to the songs used Dan also had to create two complete audio parts for the amphitheatre and Jay Electronica sections utilising the live audio he recorded on location. FX and foley were added throughout and of course a mix and master to finish off. This was a huge project, the Family Creative boys really came through with an amazing video and we were very happy to be an integral part of that.
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